Remo velvet living room furniture collection : Rose furniture.

Remo Velvet Living Room Furniture Collection

remo velvet living room furniture collection

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  • Remo is an American drumhead and banjo head company founded by Remo D. Belli in 1957. They are well known for their highly successful Weatherking series, which is now seen on orchestral, world, marching percussion, and drum sets.

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remo velvet living room furniture collection - Remo Kids

Remo Kids Lollipop Drum, 10 Inch

Remo Kids Lollipop Drum, 10 Inch

The Remo Kids Lollipop Drum is an easy-to-play frame drum that is based on a simple drum design that has been around since mankind's earliest days. The bright, attractive, and durable drumhead design captures everyone’s interest and delivers loads of fun. One of the most fun things about playing this drum is there really aren't any rules about what can and can't be played on it. The Lollipop drum is available in a variety of sizes and comes with its own mallet. Remo Kids Worldwide is a collection of instruments specially designed for smaller hands without sacrificing the quality, authenticity, and attention to detail that have made Remo a leader in professional and personal percussion since 1957. They are available in a variety of popular instruments based on designs from around the world. The Remo Kids Lollipop Drum has received the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy Award for product quality!

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You're Home - Red Velvet August Kit

You're Home - Red Velvet August Kit

A little page I made about the things that feel like home at home, using the fab August Red Velvet Kit - lovely summer colors and fabric in this kit! =) I had fun layering and handwriting and splashing paint on this guy!

Thanks for peeking!

Velvet Encounter

Velvet Encounter

Bull Velvet in that little boys smile,
Bull Velvet in his soul Northern style,
A new religion that'll bring cows to their knees
Bull Velvet, If you please.

remo velvet living room furniture collection

remo velvet living room furniture collection

Remo Rhythm Club Bongos (5 and 6 Inch)

The Rhythm Club; bongos feature a high-density base with molded "feet" to elevate the drum so that even the smallest percussionist can produce great sounds. The Acousticon shell is manufactured from recycled hardwood fibers and is unaffected by climatic changes. The orchestral-quality Renaissance drumheads feature a textured surface and a wider (yet more balanced) spectrum of sound. (Remember, since the drumheads are not tunable each instrument may have slightly different pitches.) A quality instrument at an affordable price! No stand is available for these bongos. Trim color may vary.

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