Top of the line baby furniture - Hotel surplus outlet furniture used.

Top Of The Line Baby Furniture

top of the line baby furniture

    baby furniture
  • Any kind of furniture made specifically for a baby such as baby cribs and mattresses, playpens, highchairs and changing tables. Popular nursery furniture also includes armoires, dressers, rocking chairs, toy boxes and rugs.

    of the
  • biggest consumers of energy in homes and buildings, which are heating

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top of the line baby furniture - Supergate Auto-Close

Supergate Auto-Close Metal Gate

Supergate Auto-Close Metal Gate

This Auto Close Pet Gate automatically closes and locks. Featuring various extensions, this must-have gate can be used on stairs or in various room openings. Comes with a security latch and easy one-hand operation. Build with heavy-duty metal construction to withstand years of use. Measures 30"H x 29.5" x 38" and expands to 61".

For protecting small children and pets from potentially unsafe areas of a household, the North States Auto Close Gate is the ideal solution. This is the only gate in the world that will automatically close and lock from any position. Never again will you have to worry that you left the gate open! The sturdy metal gate is pressure mounted and fits most doorframes. Its unique auto-close mechanism features an automatic lock, offering you a reliable, worry-free way to keep your household child- and pet-safe.
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Auto Close Gate

At a Glance:

Ages: 6-24 months.
Requires: No tools needed for set up.
Warranty: To ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, all North States products come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

Ideal for:

Who: Families with small children and/or pets.
What: Providing an easy-to-use gate enclosure that automatically closes and locks.
Where: Stairways, doorways, and larger openings (with the use of optional extensions).

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Create a barricade for potentially unsafe areas like fireplaces. View larger.
A Gate That Automatically Closes and Locks
An indispensable product for households with small children and pets, the North States Auto Close Gate allows you to block door openings, ensuring that your little ones are safe and secure at all times. Featuring a unique closing mechanism, the sturdy metal gate opens fully, then automatically shuts and locks. Adults can open the security latch with easy, one-hand operation, while children will require assistance.
Stairway-Approved for Safety in Multistory Homes
Whether you have a basement or a second story in your home, this gate is a great way to protect young children and pets from entering unsafe stairwells. Because of its locking hand wheel with a built-in mounting cup, which provides added security, the North States Auto Close Gate is approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for top-of-stairs installation.
Sturdy Build Makes it Easy to Install and Expand
Constructed with a strong powder-coated white metal, the 16-pound gate's heavy-duty design provides long-lasting durability, so you can count on it for years to come. The gate is 30 inches high and fits in most standard doorframes. And because it's pressure mounted, the North States Auto Close Gate requires minimal hardware and can be installed without tools.
The ease of installation also makes the gate easy to move from one opening to another. Use it to keep the pets secure while you are out of the house, or use it on the door of a toddler's bedroom, so he or she can play in a safe space.
The standard gate fits openings 29.5 to 38 inches wide. Optional extensions (sold separately) are available, which will allow expansion up to 125 inches. To customize the gate to meet your specific needs, please refer to the opening chart.
To ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, all North States products come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defect.
About North States
Located in Blaine, Minnesota, North States Industries offers versatile and economical gates and enclosures in the juvenile and pet categories. All of the company's products are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for safety, and are engineered to provide the highest quality, durability and ease of use.
What's in the Box
North States Auto Close Gate, mounting hardware, and assembly instructions.


Block stairwells to protect children and pets. View larger. headset

The gate automatically shuts and locks. View larger.

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basket of blessings

basket of blessings

Another stellar harvest day: more olives, cepes, purslane, one carrot, green tomatoes and walnuts. Grandpa gave us a bottle of his hooch red wine vinegar while we were there visiting today. I made him tripe and pigs foot soup for his cold. He was very happy since that is not on the menu with his meal-on-wheels lunches and dinners from the government.

He offered us pots of confiture that mamie had made but I declined. We don’t eat that much jam or jellies and I have plenty that I have made in the past that I need to give away. It got me thinking about trading and what each person gets from the exchange. Vinegar for a pigs foot is a wonderful trade for both of us. We really need vinegar and though we can buy a bottle for less than 2 euros, it’s so much more meaningful to use his powerful stuff for my preserving efforts and the look on his face as he slurped up that soup would make an Italian grandmother proud.

I have a lot of English books that I look forward to passing onto local friends since those kind of books are hard to find in rural southern France. But I don’t expect anything in return. (Jen- I have some really good ones for you!) I am happy to have friends to give them to. They will get pots of fig chutney as well! As we begin the arduous task of packing I am finding more and more things to trade: a pop-up baby tent, dvd player, etc. I hope that I can find good homes for them rather than sell them on ebay, that feels so hollow.

I sent Dev a box with handmade aprons, local sea salt, old French magazines that are missing many pages, and silly things from around our house. Her package yesterday meant a lot to us so now we can fish properly; a wine cork float and lug nut sinker on old squirrelly line was just not working.

We already feel so blessed, even more now in these times of recession; monetary transactions are becoming less frequent for all of us around the world. Something is only of value if you can find use for it. Grandpa's garage is filled with things from the family: beds, bikes, blankets, furniture, who knows what, all of it molding away; some with no value but for someone else it would mean the world. It is not for us to tell him or his family what to do with their possessions (they think I am bossy and crazy already), but it's sad to see them just sitting there in a pile, one generation of assets being added to the previous generations; a lasagna of "stuff".

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

A peek inside Casino Royale. One side of the casino is non-smoking.

top of the line baby furniture

top of the line baby furniture

The Messy Line - Cheesy Fingers Top Shirt Size: 5T, Color: Red

ML2045TRD Size: 5T, Color: Red Pictured in White Remember when a gold star sticker was the greatest feeling in the world? When the packaging of the toy was more interesting than the toy itself? When candy was currency? We know you do, so do we, and that''s where our clothes come from. We don''t just create clothes for kids; we create clothes from the kids inside of us! Is there really a need to always color inside the lines; come on, look at all the space outside that needs some color! Our designs are meant to embrace the nature of kids rather than attempting to fight it, unconventionality mixed with originality and smothered in imagination. With our debut of ''The Messy Line'' we did just that, literally letting the idea spill all over these clothes. Features: -Shirt. -Available in 5T, 4T, 3T and 2T sizes. -Available in White, Fuchsia and Red colors. -Comfortable 65pct / 35pct polyester cotton blend. -Comfortable 100pct cotton. -Make your little one stand out with a unique design from the messy line. -Make the mess you don''t have to clean up.

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