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cheap living room furniture for sale

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  • The Living Room is a music venue on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side in New York City that was established in 1988.

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My Grandfather, DM, at age 18, in 1883

My Grandfather, DM, at age 18, in 1883

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The original, taken in LaPorte, Indiana, 1883, by photographer Wm. M. Scott (surely in Mr. Scott's studio), is severely faded, yellow, & disintegrating.

At age 18 in 1883 DM was living with his parents, 2 sisters & younger brother in Valparaiso, Indiana, where he was born. They had a farm, & his mother, though partly deaf, was a school teacher. DM raised cucumbers, pickled & sold them. He completed a high school education, & I suspect this expensive portrait was a graduation present.

In the same year he borrowed $20.00 from his elder sister, Anna Belle, & departed for Chicago to, as he liked to say, "make my fortune."

However, economic circumstances did not favor him at that time. He lived much of the 1st year in the big city on his $20.00, eating little beside a single daily meal of cheap sausage, plain cheese & bread. He eventually got bare bones money going about with a bucket tarring roofs, & with another young man rented a small room. With the spare pennies he earned he paid tuition to attend night school to learn to write in shorthand, planning thereby to rid himself of bucket, tar & hard drudgery by becoming a secretary, which was in those days a poorly paid occupation for gentlemen, but also a way into great offices where the masters of the world did their business. DM saw himself seated before a rich man, taking dictation, & learning the secrets of trade.

Over the course of his 3rd year in Chicago he paid his debt to his sister, earned enough extra to set aside $20, & completed his study of shorthand. But during the year his roommate's health steadily failed - he had tuberculosis, a then common, untreatable & still terrible disease - & to enable the youth to see & pay doctors DM loaned him all of his savings. The fellow worsened quickly & suddenly died.

My grandfather was already 75 years old when I came to live in his home, & his stories were shaped by the previous times he had told them. When he repeated a story, as on rare occasions he did, it sounded word for word just as it had when I heard it before, & even his inflections & gesticulations were duplicated. The last line in this tale of the dead roommate was spoken with a doubled right fist that struck the nearest table as he said it: "He died without paying me back & I never loaned another man a dime!" Bang.

Of course what he claimed was only technically true, because over his years in business he routinely 'advanced' sums of money to his numerous salesmen, purposefully not just to keep them in the field closing deals, but to make them dependent upon him & hold them in thrall. This practice is not uncommon today in organizations where salesmen work as independent contractors. The boss hands out cash advances to skilled but unruly peddlers to keep them in the booze, gambling rooms or whatever deviltry they compulsively crave & indulge, & they remain loyal year after year, or even for decades, to the hand that feeds them. It is a way of life.

DM was hired to take dictation from a manager at a great school supply company in Chicago. The company had a huge factory & manufactured a host of things, including beautiful glossy maps that rolled up & down, durable oak student desks & seats, solid & very heavy lecterns, huge mahogany map tables on which terrain was presented in 3-D complete with rolling hills, little roads, tiny trees, & a few horses, buggies & carriages. The map tables were built like the finest billiard tables, & were just as big or bigger.

He joined the firm at age 21 or 22, & at some point got into sales management. I recall no stories that explained how that came about, but I suspect he saw that for a farm boy like himself sales offered opportunities not otherwise possible, & therefore he sought appointment as a handler of a crew of salesmen, which in turn led to his learning sales techniques & taking salesmen out to show them how he would do it, & therefore how they should do it. DM was absolutely trustworthy, precise in speech & never garrulous, very small physically, dominant by temperament & inclination, tirelessly persistent in his pursuits, resolute in the learning & application of skills, crafty, & notably ambitious. He never in his life took a drink of liquor, smoked anything, spent time in physical sport, read books, attended any public events or art performances, nor otherwise loafed about or sought amusement. He married, provided splendidly for his wife & cherished her, loved their children, took delight in them as they grew up, & at times - not often - played with them, surely acting as he did with me when we played marbles or checkers like the happiest, most satisfied & childlike leprechaun in the world. But apart from the small share of hours devoted to family, or attending the occasional auction to bid on the ori

102/365 - July 21, 2009

102/365 - July 21, 2009

Ow! Jeff and I went on a walk with some neighbor/friends with their dogs and our puppy... only we originally planned on walking around the block, and they like to take long walks- well over an hour later and at least 2 miles later we got back home. It felt good to get out and enjoy the somewhat bearable summer evening and get our dog some exercise, but my knees and hips were not ready. They needed a little TLC when I got home so I iced them with my faux ice - Trader Joes frozen peas - while fixing some website album problems. (I don't think I'll ever eat these peas - I've been using them in place of ice for quite some time now.)

Did I mention that we keep getting design catalogs at my job- Someone somewhere incorrectly listed us as interior designers so we get all these fun catalogs with super pricey furniture and decorating accessories. Today we got one for Pottery Barn. I fell in love. But they are so gosh darn expensive! I can't afford anything in the catalog. So instead (while waiting for my website to update) I flagged all the pages with things I liked and I'm just going to improvise by keeping my eyes out for similar things at garage sales and thrift stores. Then I can sand and stain or paint. ;]

cheap living room furniture for sale

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