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Find Amish Furniture

find amish furniture

    amish furniture
  • Amish furniture is a distinctive style of furniture made by the Amish primarily of Ohio and Shipshewana, Indiana. It is known for being made of 100% wood, usually no particle board or laminate is used, and there is great attention paid to the details of the wood in the furniture-making process.

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find amish furniture - Sleigh Crib

Sleigh Crib - JR-CSC

Sleigh Crib - JR-CSC

1" Thick End Tops
3.5" x 6" Moulding
4 Position Mattress Support
From Baby to Toddler to Teenager. All cribs have been manufactured by ASTM standards. Each crib comes in its own box with springs and hardware included for all conversions. How to assemble pictured instruction manual is also included. All furniture pieces come with full-extension ball bearing slides and recessed hinges. Each drawer is dovetailed and assembled manually. The varnish and stain on this furniture is completely child safe.

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It's Yummie!

It's Yummie!

and Maria! Yummie is apparently the Kitchen Kettle Village mascot. Funny, I found the cookies to be so-so but the pepperoni cheese and Amish furniture stores were excellent! Guess neither of these would make a good mascot.....


The brochure corner of the Gathering Room

The brochure corner of the Gathering Room

Want to drive to the nearest Amish furniture store? Only 5 minutes away. How about a local cheese factory? Or of course the nearest quilt shop? You'll find lots of information here. And typed out directions to lead you there.

find amish furniture

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